Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A starter for nothing...

It's lunchtime (ish), I've done not enough work, but I've realised these blogs are free, so I've set one up. It's perhaps a slightly pretentious title, but I'm really quite interested in probing the link between the two a bit more than I have done so far (i.e. haven't). Typing the two into Google doesn't reveal particularly much related to econometrics in and of itself.

My work today has involved much writing of programs, mainly to do Monte Carlo simulations. I'm starting to feel like I'm becoming a bit of an excuse really, I can't really think about the theory of complicated things, so instead I just do Monte Carlo after Monte Carlo. However, soon I hope to apply what these simulations are investigating to real-life econometric models of my own, notably a cointegrated VAR model of the UK labour market (woefully incomplete), and a cointegrated VAR model of US monetary and fiscal policy (slightly less incomplete).

However, to write about econometrics first is disengenious in some ways. While I don't keep my most productive times in my day for spending time with God, He still permeates my every day, although not how He should. He's generally an afterthought while I'm working away at some task or other. However, it is my hope that He can be integrated much more into my work, and not just by putting "Thanks to God" in the attributions to my thesis. Progress on this will be seen in the number of posts on here, I expect. Don't hold your breath though please...


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