Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Econometricians behaving badly...

Edward Glaeser has written a paper about econometricians behaving opportunistically, and how they violate all the assumptions economic theorists have been making for years now about the behaviour of individuals when faced with a set of incentives.

Basically, it's a fallen world, and as a result, people will present bad stuff and cover it up. But it's given me a chance to try and link together my faith and my work a bit, and I've written a response to Glaeser's work, hopefully outlining an alternative method of carrying out econometric analysis which, while not free from opportunism, provides a method for exposing it elsewhere, and providing a transparent way of doing econometrics, if carried out properly. In a lot of respects, econometricians attempting to behave themselves mirror Christians attempting to live in the fallen world before Jesus Christ returns. It's a tentative link, and I'm encouraged that Paul mixed his metaphors quite a bit in his letters to the Corinthians, as I think I've managed that. Have a read, see what you think. Do get back to me with your comments.

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