Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Right Wing Christians Have Utter Disregard for the Truth

Well, particularly the person sullying the name of the legitimate Archbishop Cranmer, who died 455 years ago, long before this imposter began writing such false tosh as this. In particular, the insistence often put by right wingers that currently we're paying more in debt interest than we are on health and education.

It's simply false and shows a total disregard for the truth. This website contains all numbers regarding government spending, even back to 1692.

You can play around with the numbers as you wish, and look at how numbers related to spending have changed over the years.  You can even construct interesting plots like the following:

Spending over the years

Blue is debt interest, red is health care and green is education. All are expressed as a percentage of GDP to give some scale of the numbers. It should be fairly clear that not since around the early 1970s has debt interest been even near to the size of healthcare spending, and not on education since the early 1960s. It is also noteworthy that debt interest payments were falling into the middle part of the last decade and were flat until 2010, but even with the last few years, interest is much less than either health or education.

Why do right wing Christians like this seek to misrepresent reality so often? I seriously do not understand it. I don't quite get how it can be part of a Christian witness to the Lord Jesus.


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