Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Despite having been mainly dormant for quite a while as I spend time blogging on my all too many other obscure blogs, it appears this blog has been indexed on www.econacademics.org, which is pretty exciting.

At all times, one can think about the links between at least morality and economics, and hence econometrics, but I set this blog up as an attempt to specifically think about Christianity in the context of econometrics. It won't harm anyone (assuming I get any hits!) if I restate my main drive behind setting this up.

It's quite widely believed that Christians are those that stick their heads in the sand, believe the world is just as old as Genesis says and ignore all science - in fact, hasn't science disproved Christianity?

I'll bypass those who would quibble over whether economics is a science. For them: To the extent that we observe events, propose theories and test those theories in economics, it is a science in that it is falsifiable. It is an observational science on the whole, since experiments on grant, macroeconomic scales are pretty much impossible (and unethical).

Back to the point; Christians are those who believe that there is a creator behind everything, someone written about in the Bible. This is not a falsifiable theory, any more so than belief in an absence of a God. The realm of religious belief is entirely separate from the realm of science - we cannot falsify any theory about the existence of God, nor should we really bother.

What we do in science, and hence in economics, is we observe events within the world (well, the universe I guess) and try to explain how they happened. Understanding more about this world we live in is thus perfectly consistent with a Christian faith, just as it's perfectly consistent with being agnostic, or atheist. Because understanding the processes that led to where we are is very different to trying to get a grasp on the meaning of why we are here.

When we enter into the whole meaning area, we depart from science and end up with, as said, theories that cannot be proven or falsified one way or another.

I'll hopefully blog here reasonably frequently now this blog has been "recognised", and in doing so explore further the links, making use of recent events and/or recent research I come across...