Thursday, May 24, 2007


Apparently, hard-core liberals and conservatives make life harder for all those "tolerant" people in between. The two extreme groups are happier than those in the middle, and one explanation is that those in the middle are sick of the intolerance of those at each extreme.

I think I certainly count as a conservative, as a conservative Christian, given that Christians are generally seen to be more conservative than the rest of society. But what is intolerance?

Is being intolerant of intolerance intolerant? If so then those in the middle are intolerant too.

Is it intolerant to believe something is wrong, to hold a particular view? Surely about the only tolerant person is someone who believes everything is ok? Because the moment anyone says the thing someone else is doing is wrong, they are called intolerant right? Christian says homosexual behaviour, and heterosexual activity outside marriage is wrong, therefore intolerant. But aren't those saying that basing their beliefs on a book, the Bible, is wrong, also intolerant for the same reason?

Anyhow, I'm not a philosopher. Just got asked how many golf balls there are in the UK and I've come over all philosophical, and I can't think of anything else other to do than to read other peoples' blogs and respond...


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