Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Before it's too late!

Oldham currently entertain Luton Town at Boundary Park, the game will enter its second half very soon indeed. The current score is 1-1, with Oldham taking the lead, only to relinquish it within two minutes. The attendance has not yet been announced, but no doubt will be being determined right now within the deeper annals of Boundary Park. My attendance forecasting model suggests it will be 4,023. The attendance for the convincing performance, if unconvincing scoreline (only 1-0) on Saturday against Crewe was 3,900. More people would be expected to turn up for a league match, but it is Luton on a Tuesday. I'm not convinced it'll be over 4,000 but I could well be wrong.

Let's wait and see. And in the meantime, come on Oldham!


At 6:06 am, Blogger Rana Rizwan Javed said...

I guess international investors, or even domestic investors vote with their feet if they can't do some solid research or analysis.

But I've got a better conspiracy theory. Perhaps they have to produce 2 volumes of data, one labelled Truth and the other BS and they just don't have the time.


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