Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Other Thing That Annoyed Me

New Deal 2.0 is a good blog reporting less right-wing stuff from the US, and as such it appeals usually to my left-leaning tendencies.  However, this article annoyed me greatly.  Now I'm not bothered about the idiot they are commenting on.  Trying to prove the superiority of heterosexual sex of all other kinds of sex is simply stupid and a complete waste of time.

But I get annoyed by the discussion of the "natural law".  Somehow, the fact that us humans can't keep up with the natural law seems to mean that therefore it's a pointless concept not to be dabbled with.  The author (Bill Black) asserts as some kind of proof of this, the fact that all Catholics don't keep it.

Of course they don't!  They are sinful humans like the rest of us!  But does our inability to keep up with this natural law somehow mean it doesn't exist?!

I could have misunderstood what the author is trying to say, as he is paraphrasing the guy he is criticising at this point - but I can't imagine the guy he criticises would be suggesting the natural law is useless.

I'd suggest anyone who has thoughts and interests in this "natural law" should read Mere Christianity by CS Lewis.

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